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On The Rocks by OSTER Project featuring MEIKO V3 and KAITO V3

We finally got a PV for this wonderful song! Make sure to support the official NND upload.

零とIと祈りの振り子 (rei to I to inori no furiko)

Hinayukki/Shigotoshite-P featuring MEIKO and KAITO

New Shigotoshite-P song, guys! 

 はじめてのおつかい by 0m

キスの日 by Daico
hinayukki@仕事してP - SOLO
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めーちゃんおにいちゃん by じるた

ぺろぺろ by pooo

今更なんて思わずに by 智

はむはむ by 北口
hinayukki@仕事してP - 影人ノエル
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This is the album version, you can find the updated single version here.