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This is a story of KAITO and MEIKO when they were under development, using the song sung by prototype versions of Meiko and Kaito before their release in 2003.

Meiko was released in 2004 by Crypton as the first Japanese female vocaloid and Kaito was released in 2006 as the first Japanese male vocaloid two years after her. 
However, the fact is that Kaito was created to be a counterpart of Meiko and they were developed together. There is a CCCD album “HISTORY OF LOGIC SYSTEM” released on July 24th, 2003 by Hideki Matsutake, which included a cover song using prototype versions of Meiko and Kaito before their release, even before Leon and Lola. 
The song was a duet song “Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mou Ichido (That Wonderful Love Once More)” and it’s the oldest non-demo vocaloid song that is confirmed and known to exist at present. 
A year after singing the song together, Meiko was released first, and Kaito followed her 2 years later.
The president of Crypton announced in a magazine interview that they chose his name “KAITO” as it fit to her name “MEIKO” when they were put next to next. 
The PV is based on the fact.

(I got this from the description in the video)

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